Spectators Allowed at NASCAR Venue

The Florida State Government determined in early May that sporting activities are essential during COVID-19. It prompted multiple sporting venues to resume their operations, with the first being the Ultimate Fighting Competition. Other professional-rated sports were willing to prolong their re-emittance into the public eye, avoiding possible outbreaks amongst their athletes. This is starting to change with it being announced that Major League Soccer will resume at Walt Disney World. However, it’s NASCAR that shocked Americans the most. NASCAR Organizers permitted for spectators to return to the stands for the 1st time since COVID-19 restrictions were implemented. This announcement of spectators being allowed to return follows after NASCAR banned the Confederate Flag from all their venues.

NASCAR has been deemed the 1st professional sporting event in America to resume, with the Ultimate Fighter’s Competition losing that title amongst sports reporters & analysts. The reactions from Dana White hasn’t been positive, with the UFC President being desperate to become first. Regardless of the reactions from this elderly Caucasian male, NASCAR is the true sporting venue to return.

They permitted one thousand first responders & military personnel to the Homestead Miami Speedway, which hosted the Dixie Vodka 400 NASCAR Cup Series Race. Considering that these stands can support 50+ thousand supporters, the attendance limitation at one thousand guaranteed that social distancing measures were enforced. Photographers showed considerable distance between all those who attended, far beyond that of six metres. It shows that sporting venues can return for select crowds without having to concern themselves with an outbreak.

Confirmed Infections

Health experts have disputed the measures enacted by NASCAR & the UFC, supporting exclusively Major League Soccer in their return. That’s because Florida is experiencing the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 infections worldwide. June 13th and 14th saw an additional four thousand coronavirus cases confirmed in Florida. The Sunshine State has experienced 18+ thousand confirmed infections since June 3rd & Florida politicians are refusing to restart social distancing measures until the federal government gets involved. Thousands in Florida will die from the lack of fortitude & strength behind these politicians.