Toronto Cancels IndyCar Grand Prix

Supporters behind IndyCar in Ontario, Canada, were disappointed to learn that their respective Grand Prix in Toronto won’t be permitted for July 12th. This follows after Ontario’s Premiere has continuously lengthened the lockdown period, which will begin being lifted on May 18th. Sporting venues won’t be permitted until July 31st after Toronto declared that Festivals, Entertainment Events, and Sports wouldn’t support more than 250 people.

The National Hockey League, Major League Soccer, and Major League Baseball aren’t slated to return until July or August. This means that Toronto’s legislation will damage a few sporting events slated for this period. IndyCar is one of the select few being forced into cancellation. It should be noted that IndyCar and Honda Indy Toronto will reschedule this event.

The City of Toronto released a formal statement regarding their decision. They cited multiple contingencies under local and federal legislation, expressing that professional sporting events cannot be permitted for the safety of local civilians. This doesn’t mean that Toronto has abandoned this venue for the long-term, with it being confirmed that rescheduling has begun for some time later in 2020.

IndyCar Analysts speculate Late August to be the new date selected for the Honda Indy Toronto Grand Prix. However, an influx of guidelines will be enforced to ensure social distancing is met. This will include attendees not being permitted. Those interested in this Grand Prix will be required to watch from their balconies in the Toronto skyline.

History of IndyCar in Toronto

IndyCar quickly gained significant popularity across Canada, with the Toronto Grand Prix has been a regular venue throughout the last four years. Their one of the few locations that have been forced into revising their schedule, with Canada taking a considerably stronger position against the virus than the United States. It should be noted though that alteration with the pandemic in Canada could prompt the original date to be resumed, or on the flipside be cancelled outright for 2020.

That’s why Toronto Public Health is continuously monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak in their Canadian metropolis. Politicians want to guarantee that the spread of this virus is reduced before mass gatherings are permitted. Multiple guidelines will be enforced once these gatherings are allowed, including live surveillance and tracking of possible infections.