Vancouver Whitecaps Acquire Evan Bush

Evan Bush is departing from the Montreal Impact & joining the Vancouver Whitecaps, with this notable signing displaying how the Canadian division of Major League Soccer is becoming more competitive. The Vancouver Whitecaps have selected Evan Bush as their 3rd-round selection under the 2021 MLS SuperDraft. Unknown monetary compensation was awarded to the Montreal Impacts for releasing Evan Bush to the Vancouver Whitecaps.

The Sporting Director & CEO for Vancouver’s Whitecaps FC spoke on the contract acquisition of Evan Bush. Axel Schuster clarified that uncertainty regarding the goalkeeping position for 2021s MLS Season required the Whitecaps to select a 3rd goaltender. Axel evoked that Max Crepeau is weeks away from returned competition & Thomas Hasal won’t be returning to professional soccer after a notable injury. Selecting Evan Bush to replace both these goaltenders potentially is the correct trade, and Axel Schuster evoked that Bush maintains a friendship with Hasal & Crepeau. That’ll be beneficial for internal team relations.

The Sporting Director for Montreal Impact, Oliver Renard, also provided context to why Evan Bush was released. It was evoked that after a decade of employment with the Montreal Impact’s, Evan’s professionalism & skillsets were needed elsewhere. Oliver Renard stimulated that the three goaltenders employed by Montreal Impact are sustainable for defensive strategies.

The Montreal Impact now have James Pandemic, Clement Diop, and Jonathan Sirois in the goaltender position. Dedicated supporters of Evan Bush have criticized the Montreal Impact for how they’ve departed with their iconic goaltender. It’s evident that after Clement Diop became MLS’s #1 goaltender, all discussions regarding Evan Bush’s contention at the Montreal Impact were eliminated. His skillsets will considerably be better put to use at the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Evan Bush will likely play a formidable role throughout the 2021 MLS Season with the Vancouver Whitecaps. Their goaltender of Thomas Hasal, aged twenty-one, sustained a notable injury. He’s unavailable to complete until medical examiners clear him for competition. Thomas Hasal was the 3rd replacement goaltender for the Whitecaps. Their 2nd replacement of Bryan Meredith has been unavailable during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the starting goaltender of Maxime Crepeau sidelined for a prolonged period with an extreme injury. Evan Bush is Vancouver’s only hope.